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Quick Meeting Scheduled

Scheduling an office meeting easy to navigate where emails are visible and so they can easily know when the meeting is needed to be scheduled as per emails.

What are the pain points while booking the meeting room

  • Starting from a scheduling meeting to end time of the meeting we see many distractions
  • Someone booked the room but not using, while other employees get a piece of information that slot is unavailable and looks waste if not using.
  • If they start meeting and realize in between the meeting that they need more time to extend.
  • They need features like the system to have an ability to show 15 min buffer time before and after and need a pop up like function they have checked in the room and second pop up appears in half of the meeting that you check out time 4:50 (40 Mins remaining), you need to extend 15 mins? or cancel the meeting if forgets the meeting.
  • A new person or big offices have an issue of direction of room & capacity of person Got room but didn't know the amenities within the room, its working or not. Time waste in an arrangement of food, Tea, Cofee break.
  • For an unplanned quick meeting with long-time period: Suggested meeting room nearby canteen space so people can easily connect what they are looking and continue available for a purpose. More option meeting anywhere via WebEx to share the docs and live chat options.
Portfolio ux designPortfolio ux design

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