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Stay Alert Stay Safe

  • User can check the alerts within their society to be aware and safe
  • User can raise the alerts to near one people and help each other
  • User can get alerts within their society, minimal alerts or can change the location and set the alerts within Km. of range 30 Km, 50Km, 100Km and towards the destination they drive.
  • User can raise the alerts for Missing people - so any one near to this location can see around themself, Food Demand by Poor one so if someone had lots of food wastage like marriage can inform Prior, Tree Fallen, Pathole seen indicate slow down the vehicle.
  • Fire alert, Water leakage, Thief, Suspicious bag, Missing Bag with important details like Docs, card anything. Rescue Animal Birds - message alert to related department
Portfolio ux design Portfolio ux design Portfolio ux design Portfolio ux design
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