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School App

Small pain points facing by parents for every day checking reports

  • I had found that what parents prefer most, they navigate from most important to least priority & Same from school what they want to display to the parents. different user has different priority, can we set a common display?
  • Parents already have less time, in that less time can we show them what they want to expect in priority wise.
  • In Generic App the pain paints of parent are they have to click the dashboard icon and see the details in
  • whole mobile display area and again use the back button for a home page and do this for every task and every day.
  • Can we show them a short overview, for example from today to 1 week & place a button for view all.
  • Placing the buttons in priority wise, for example, parents always click the first photo section, can we place in the top section even its in far position and other buttons with them less clickable / Less attention. Same 2nd most priority buttons place in the middle where parents can navigate important things which can't be ignored.
  • Today's user has a tendency to navigate the things in the same place drag/scroll and don't hit the button until its necessary with respect to time. can we use this Mental Model
  • Parents need a quick report and have to track all the important things every day, This app needs to track every day and it's not the same scenario like to book a cab once in a week or month, so it can be more convinent to the user for every day in a short time.
Portfolio ux design
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